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Layered Blueberry Dessert


Since 2010 Honett Food has become the most renowned Catering Company in Budapest. Rooted in creativity and famous for flawless execution, Honett Food presents unparalleled tastes and haute cuisine worthy of the most distinguished palates.

Our plant was designed by several renowned food industry experts and built by Honett. Construction of the plant started in 2009.

At the beginning of production in 2010, the daily production average reached 3500pcs.

Production in 2014 has reached an average daily production of 7500pcs.

Production in 2019 has exceeded 24000pcs per day.

Total production capacity has a new level since our new site development , now it is over 80000pcs per day.

Our plant is run by a responsible and committed team that ensures both the food compliance to environment friendly solutions

 at any time, maintaining Honett quality levels and the efficiency of product development.

Our development team is backed by professional chefs who regularly attend international shows, and are dedicated to finding the best solutions.

Our employees work in a controlled environment and with a controlled background to produce your perfect product.

Our workers undergo continuous external and in-house trainings to maintain high standards of the company.


Honett Group and its employees always keep these points in mind: 

quality and food safety

reliability, expertise

environmental protection

customer satisfaction


ethical and personal responsibility for the company's activities!

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